A sincere 'Thank you' to all who sponsored and helped run our 2013 Annual Show, held on 15th September 2013. All help and donations were greatly appreciated!
Without you, we could not run our club and create such a successful day for our members.
The Committee


We would like to give a sincere 'Thank You' to everyone who gave us gifts, donations and sponsored us for our 2012 Annual Show. It contributed to a very successful and fun day for all our members...
Kind Regards, The Committee



 Gifts / Donations / 


 Bargains Galore  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Gift
 Bergans  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Gift
 Brigid McGough  United States  Donation
 Connie O'Toole  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Sponsor
 David O'Toole  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Sponsor
 Eamon Dobbyn  Middleton, Co Cork  Sponsor
 Eden Decor Centre  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Gift
 Enda Buckley  Moyclare, Co Offaly  Sponsor
 Marie McNeill  Co Roscommon  Sponsor
 McGreals  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Gift
 Pascal Tyndall  Holland  Sponsor
 Ryans Pharmacy  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Gift
 Stephen Holmes  England  Sponsor
 Terri O'Toole  Edenderry, Co Offaly  Gift
 William Corrigan  Co Carlow  Donation